Love, Love. Love.  

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It's been a while that I have actually felt that kind of love wherein you feel safe, secured and cherished.

Just like everyone, I've had my share of heartaches--which eventually lead to tears, depression and of course the worst thing that can happen, wishing life would end.

Honestly, when I was fairly young, I always (and I mean ALWAYS) experienced having the upper hand in relationships. I have my US upbringing to thank for, most often than not. I've learned how to love and still reserve almost half of myself, for me. I've learned how to disassociate certain things and love in the fair way. Don't get me wrong, I never treated my ex's bad. I was just too guarded and maybe reserved.

Somehow, somewhere along the way, I happened to shed all of that as soon as I stepped on the shores of the Philippines. I regret that a bit. For some weird reason, here in the Philippines, everyone just seems to offer everything when in love. For awhile, I felt really bad that I couldn't actually do that with the guys I ended up dating seriously. Until, I met someone who managed to rock my whole world. There and then, I realized how it was, and how it felt to actually love someone so much--so much that, I ended up giving my whole being to that person. Sad to say, that didn't go well.

Of course, that cliche thing they say that you have to go through it twice was true for me. I think I can truly say that, that's what happened to me.

Then, I met him. The lover was someone I knew then and had no interest at all in. Yes, he was the golden boy that the teachers loved, my friends had a crush on and basically the whole school was enamored with him. What was so different with him was, he wasn't that typical jock that would be seen with a different girl every week. He was that goody-goody poster boy that you could not find a flaw in. He had looks, brains, money and a good upbringing.

I was just interested in the opposite. Hahaha.

Surprisingly, a year ago, we bumped into each other. Sparks definitely flew, and we found ourselves attracted to each other that managed to rock our world. We're still together now. Most of the time, it's the best ride ever, but of course we manage to get on that infamous rollercoaster ride, without meaning to, every now and then.

It's uplifting to say that I love him and I still have something for myself. Gone were the immature stuff where I have to always look over my shoulder and be cautious. We're entirely different in things we love to do, and yet we manage to respect that. I knew I loved him, but after spending a week or so away from him, I never realized that I love him so much.:)

I'm extremely blessed to have someone like him in my life. I seriously pray that this will continue on, and that we will grow together as one.:)

Love has it's ways of reaching out to you and doing wonderful ways. I'm glad this came now. I thought I wasn't ready. However, I realized that just when you're not ready, they come knocking and sweeping you off your feet after all.:)

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