RH bill? Down with it!!  

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I am proud that I am a Catholic.

I don't call myself an, "Educated Catholic," mainly because I still need to go through further studies with the faith. Just because I graduated from college, have a degree that makes a difference in people's lives and experienced in the realities of life, doesn't mean that I'm an, "Educated Catholic." I'm mainly an educated person.

I'm so irritated with how they say that, "EDUCATED CATHOLICS," are actually for it. When in truth, these so-called, "Educated Catholics," are considered educated because they have studied in s0 and so colleges. Whatever.

For a person to be "FOR" the RH bill, have you seen both sides of the coin? I've met people who are for and against it. I've met someone who's so passionate for it, and realized at the end of the day that she was actually wrong. To be a woman and for you to be for it, is really sad and scary. I respect what other people believe in when it comes to that bill. However, I believe that you have to study both sides.

The consequences that the RH bill will do to our country and our individuality says a lot. It's not about poverty or poor women. It's about us. Poverty, poor women, the problem with all of that is Health education and service. The government has not allocated the right resources for public health. As a nurse, I can seriously say that, that is true.

It's not about how the church is trying to meddle it's way in the government, or how the church should be separated from the state... it's how us, as Filipinos, who have been immersed in centuries old of Christian/Catholic values, are affected. It basically leads to having a hand in abortion, the cruelest sin of all. Killing someone is already bad, how about infanticide? I shall not go into detail how contraceptives (one of the main points in the RH Bill) has a hand in abortion. If you want to know, then message me privately.

I just wish that people would actually stop being so ignorant about it, and actually try to study it and listen. There's a reason why the church is so against it and why the Catholic congregation is trying to fight it.

Maybe then, something could be done. And like how the beauty pageant candidates would say how they want, "world peace," can actually happen.:(

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You're AGAINST the RH bill?
Because I'm soooo for it. (And I'm one of them all hippie about this, too.) I think anything to help educate women, especially pregnant women for healthier pregnancies, and educate kids about sex properly is a good thing.
OMG dear are we gonna clash over this? Gaaaaaah. WHYYYY. And you're a NURSE. You should know how sex-ed would be important.

Yes dear.

Darling, it's not just poor women, it includes us. It votes having to teach kids at grade 5 or 4 about sex already. It just clashes with my beliefs, I guess.

Sex-ed is important, but not through something like this. It leads to abortion and I don't want to be a part of that.

Heh. hahaha.

Okay, not poor women, but women in general. Women who were unfortunate enough to not have been educated about sex and HEALTH.

I mean, sex ed classes, I'm all for it. Teach kids safe sex. When they have safe sex, there would be less accidental pregnancies (and less underground abortions! I'm pro-life, dear. NOOO Abortion for me.), less dangerous experimentation due to lack of knowledge. Just... education. I doubt that they'll be teachin kids sex tips, just what it is and how to do it safely when they're of age.

The less mystery there is around this, the less the kids will want to try it. You know what I mean?

I think we can agree to disagree. I won't stop you from believing what you believe in, but I won't change my mind either. Okay?

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