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The Lioness just came from a celebration and a goodbye to a friend who is about to get married, and will leave the country thereafter.

Despite the fact that (switch to first person) I, am leaving for a province known for beaches in a few hours, and have postponed the mission to pack; decided to blog for a while and release some thoughts. Admittedly, I have neglected to update and blog what has been the on-goings of my life recently. I just didn't want to feel as if I forced my blogs. I blog when there is inspiration present, I guess.

Inspiration, it is.

The friend has been someone the Lioness has known for over 10 years. She is about the same age as I, and I believe she has been the happiest since I've ever seen her to be. I remember our kiddie days and trust me, she has always been pretty. However, seeing her now, she has truly grown into a lady. Someone who walks into a room and effortlessly lights up a room. She truly fits the expression, "Vavavoom." I remember the days when she was still a bit of a tomboy, and unsure of what she wanted for her future, and sure of what kind of love that she needed.

Now, she is endlessly blooming and filled with so much happiness! It takes more than words to actually describe how so much happiness emanates from her. Yes, the journey is about to start. It will be filled with good and bad things, but how you get through it matters.:) I believe in marriage; I believe in love; and most of all, I believe in the fact that two people who meet at the center of everything and manages to overcome all have certainly more than today to wake up to.:)

I raise my glass of Merlot for the wonderful woman that I've shared tears and laughter with.:) To more shawarmas and more.:)

So, where am I getting at?

[continued now]

I was asking myself the same exact question.

Just a week ago, I couldn't help being excited for this trip. Look at today, it's already Friday. I wrote the first part of this blog last Sunday.

How many did I miss doing? What was I actually able to do? See, there's so many things that I could've, should've done.

But instead of just planning, making up a list and actually trying to be sure if everything was said and done according to plan, I threw it all in the wind.

You gotta live life to the exact moment.

You just don't know when you will be swept off your feet.

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