I revel in being a modern woman.  

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Phew. I daresay, that was a long title!

I just came from a really nice event. Sorry boys, I know you absolutely cannot relate! I think that somehow, some of your kind must abhor thinking about the pleasures and activities of women!

However, some actually celebrate the fact that the Lord blessed you men of our kind.:)

In Belle de Jour, we celebrate what it entirely means to be a woman of modern times. Today, was an eye opener of sorts. Those who have been religiously following the Belle de Jour Power Planner, have been updated with news and events that the company has done, were extremely rewarded tonight.:)

Don't we all love free stuff? The Lioness was astounded with the many gifts Belle de Jour has given to its loyal and devoted fans. See, this is THE RIGHT WAY on how you treat your customers. They must have brainstormed to the point that the juices of their brains have dried up. I have not seen customers so full with information and material stuff since.....well, ever!

Kudos to Darlyn Ty and her friend Trisha Andres for coming up with this beautiful planner!

Take note, this is not a paid blog nor am I a friend who wants to plug to help her friend. I am just one of the loyal customers that have not been disappointed nor forgotten -- not even for a minute! It shows how great this company has been and I daresay, this has been the best planner for the modern woman the Lioness is!:)

Yay for order (in a fun way) in my life and freebies!!

May Belle de Jour continue on! We will support you!:)

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I have their planner as well and I love ittt!!! I just had it this year and all I can say is, wow. It's like I can manage everything in my life well now. Haha :)) Seriously, their planner is great. The artworks are superb as well!

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