The Journey.  

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Remember that song by Diana Ross that she sang in Mahogany? "Do you know where you're going to?"

I used to listen to that everyday.

The Lioness has been quiet nowadays. Like how Hiro and Matt (from Heroes.. such a geek!) have gone through their spiritual walk, it somehow feels like I went through the same thing--albeit a little different.

I've said that The Lioness is my alter-ego so many times to online friends. It's a little bit like Beyonce with Sasha Fierce. I just feel that people get affected by The Lioness' thoughts, more so, if they find out that it was me all along. It's better to separate each one from the other.

Have you experienced walking and just literally stopping to smell the roses? Hear the sounds, see the sights, get immersed in the experience of it all. I see everyone passing through me in a fast pace, as they hurry to get their life the way they want. I envy them. They go through it all with little worries and no care at all. They hear it all, and yet they don't let it affect them.

I am the exact opposite. I hear everything, and I try to listen to it more. I let it take me and bring me to new things that I have never experienced before. *It's a one million dollar chance of a lifetime!* Although, I must say, there are times where I let it get to me too much.

It's a boring subject for some when people go and talk about their trip to the wonderful sights of their own lives. However, I'm the exact opposite. I choose to hear their stories, observe and learn from them.

I don't know exactly where my path leads me. All I know right now is that I need all the strength, courage and faith that I can get. I'm tired of being lost, confused and all that emotional crap. It's about time I guess.

It's funny how friends react to how my life could be patterned to a drama. I've experienced a ton of heartaches. I know how it is to be separated from family and be in a family yet still feel as if you're an outsider. I've experienced something a woman must never be a witness and victim to. I know how it is to live a life where everything is a mess and all you can do is but smile. I know how it is to love and fear a God who is ever so loving and understanding.

The path to the future is long and there are a lot of hurdles that can make or break you.

Are you ready for it? Where do you think it will lead you?

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It will lead me to you.

LOL I kid. I just want to say that being an observer of people is awesome. I love observing people so much, I also observe myself too.

Wahahahaha @baddie WHAAAAT?

Dear, it's not fun going through life without stopping by to smell the roses. You can't really experience life without doing so.

I like observing people too. You can learn a lot from them, and about yourself, when you watch other people. (One other thing I do while sitting at caf├ęs alone.) :)

@Baddie, Wahahahaha!:D So, what have you seen upon your observations with yourself?:) But that stands true.:)

@Jungzx, I know!~ Some people kasi are so much in a hurry!

Yay! One for the people who love to observe!

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