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My friends laugh at me since, I'm technically a bum and a half.

I actually have a weekly schedule of shows.

Mondays: Free days
Tuesdays: I have to watch, The Hills, Gossip Girl and Heroes.
Wednesdays: 90210 (Still waiting for the climax here.. not sure if I'll continue it).
Thursdays: America's Next Top Model
Fridays: Grey's Anatomy

Thanks to Baddie, I got addicted to Samurai Girl. Boohoo though. They haven't renewed the series yet.

So, what do you guys watch?:)

I'm not a real critic okay. These are just my opinions on the shows I watched today.:)

First would be, The Hills. I know, there are a lot of people who think the show is pretty lame. Haha. I love the bitching and superficial-ness though. I was a Lauren fan ever since Laguna Beach. Haha. Seriously! I hated Kristin-whatever-her-last-name-is, for stealing Stephen or I don't know, hating Lauren. So I was so happy when The Hills came out. Since I was so busy with Nursing then, I wasn't able to watch it until this year -- all of the seasons actually. Haha.

So my take on Audrina always going back to Justin Bobby? Ugh. She definitely deserves better! However, I totally can relate to her going back to someone that just does something to her heart. For girls, don't we all want someone who makes our heart pitter-patter without even trying at all? I have a certain someone like that. He's definitely not the Lover! Shh! Haha. I don't know, what is it with girls falling for bad boys? This good girl and bad boy chase has gone on for ages! Makes me wonder when did it all start?

As for Heidi and Spencer? Another one for the good girl falling for the bad boy. Well, Spencer is a real A**hole though. I don't know what she sees in him. Ugh. Although, I have to say, it showed that he really cared for his sister earlier in the show. I have to give him kudos for that. Even if I dislike him with a passion.


Honestly, I was totally wishing that Chuck and Blair would just give in to the powers that be. There's really nothing wrong with admitting you love each other. However, if you are Chuck or Blair, that could be a disaster waiting to happen. I was totally tearing up when Chuck surprised Blair at her house and started giving her, "the talk."

I guess I could just relate with the line, "maybe we're not meant to be with each other now." Yikes. Makes me want to dig up past issues and rekindle old flames that asmuchasItry, I cannot forget. Hahaha.

Anyway, I'm happy though that Serena found someone who was remotely interested with her. Also found out that maybe, she wasn't as liked as before. She's the golden girl. She's used to ALWAYSbeing liked, right? Well, maybe she'll be the one who'll chase after someone now.:) Heehee.

Hmmm. Now my last thought would be on Little J. I think she let it get into her head that she's really good. She shouldn't have listened to Agnes. She could've at least talked to Eleanor first and asked what she thought about it. If it was really bad, then that's when she could've said her goodbyes. Honestly, she handled it like a real 16 year old would. Well, she is supposed to be 16, but she was trying to act more maturely than her age. Yikes.

I loved this episode though! Makes me remember why I fell in love with GG!:) Can I just say the soundtrack for this episode was love??:) I'm still searching for the song list, once I find it, I will share it with you all.:)

There's also a reality index, that's sooo funny! You guys should check it out.:)


This one reminded me why Heroes is the show it is now. Oooh, I'm so excited for what's going to happen next! The Petrellis are so twisted! All of them! Hahaha. You have to add Sylar to that as well! However, even if Sylar was a twisted man, I truly believe that he has a heart. CHEESY! I think that he did save Peter's life. Love the new Sylar-- albeit, he gave me nightmares before. Haha. Weird.

Hiro's so.....weak now.:( He used to be my favorite. He's such a cute munchkin! Haha. A totally naive and innocent guy. Well, he has all the qualities of a good person/hero.

Well, everything's getting more twisted. Yes, I was happy that Claire-bear and Elle were starting off to a good start, but ugh, Elle's emotional instability had to ruin it. Goodbye friendship! hahaha.

I have to say, I'd still go with Peter's powers. They're safe enough for me. Hahaha.

Nothing more to say... I guess just ran out of words or thoughts... Weird.


As for my previous post, things are okay. What I wrote was what I was really feeling with the situation at hand. We're trying to get through this stage, and we're not really on the same page. But, this is a relationship, and this tends to happen to the best of us.

Honestly, I'm trying, and he's trying -- together, we can find a cure! Hahaha. Just kidding. Seriously, we're trying to work on it and make our relationship grow from it.

The Lord has His plans, and this has been one of the many lessons he has given me. It's hard, but I am very grateful.:)

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