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It's one of those days when I just let the day pass and observe the many events that happened, big or small. So, here I am just typing all of the thoughts that hit me this week..

  • Sometimes, I'd think about how certain things can actually be real or not. With the world that we live in, sometimes, you wonder if things are still as real as they can get around you. Look at how ironic that is, when I choose to hide under a pseudonym. One thing is, a little girl inside me is still wishing to be exposed to the truth and realness of life. A place where you don't have to be scared of someone stabbing you in the back.
  • Time flies by so fast, just a minute has passed, and you realize that everything you've been working for is gone. I guess, you can't let certain things stop you. You just have to go on. Be brave, be strong. Jon Christos in Jubilate Dominum, couldn't have said it any better; "Be brave my wondering soul! Courage is what sets us free."
  • I recently found out that a couple who I thought were so perfect for each other were having really bad problems. It's painful for me, because the girl involved, is my bestfriend. Apparently, her boyfriend who will leave in a few weeks to take an exam, could possibly be married still. How do you deal with things like that? Friends who really do care are in an uproar, but seriously, as if we can actually do something about that. At the end of the day, it's their business. I just can't help but wish better things for my friend.
  • Still irritated with my cousin who seems to be holier-art-thou, but it can be true I think. Ugh. Hating it when she becomes insensitive.
  • My piggy has just been given a nice, clean bath.:) He smells so good, and makes his fellow piggys, pink with envy!:)
  • Still contemplating if I will participate with the church group's activity this weekend.
  • Is lost in translation--still.:/
  • Was struck by this quote from Bishop Martirez, of Christ the King Parish Green Meadows, "Coincidences are miracles where God chooses to remain anonymous."
  • Is still shaking in my boots after the Lover's dad saw me smoking and holding a cigarette. Yipes.
  • Misses the Lover, and somehow paranoia isn't really helping. What's with those certain type of girls who'd still try and entice a guy who's taken? What if they end up with someone they love, how do they deal if their man was stolen?
  • Last note, I'm not gay, but I loved the message of this video. So sharing it to you guys, and hope that it helps you open your mind on how normal the LGBT community is.:)

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