The Lioness can't escape.  

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Once again, I'm back to my old roots.

I've blogged here, there and everywhere, ever since I was the tender age of 17. Of course I won't tell you how old I am. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Feel free to guess, but I assure you, I will never tell.

I choose to hide under a pseudonym--for it entails a more mysterious way for people getting into my brain. Tired of the all, "She said what?" or, "She talked about who?" and the never ending question, "Why do you have to talk about us?" Believe me, I'm no gossip girl, and I choose to just write about my thoughts.

I may commit grammar errors, feel free to correct me. If I do so, then I am sorry. I often undergo selective amnesia, and tend to mix my idioms, words and so on. What an abomination, others may say. To that, I simply greet them with a sweet roar, and tell them to go f*ck off and find other blogs to read.:)

For those who I dearly love and trust, they know who the lioness is. Don't try to ask, because it simply won't help. Their trust goes along the lines of friendship, and it has been ever present since the day we were friends.

Why Lioness? A lioness stands by her man, abhors the idea of having to share the Pride with others, and just cannot do anything about it. Well, it's like asking why Muslims must have more than one wife. I assure you, I'm not Muslim. Har har har. A lioness must run in packs, for it eases her soul. She must have a family and cubs to care for her own. A lioness fits the idiom, "Behind every powerful man is a strong woman."

Now, I bid a hello to all of you and hopes that somehow, somewhere, you will find the time to read and share what you think.:)

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